Friday, June 17, 2011


Its always funny how when you get called a "first time patient" at dispensaries only to be treated like a second time patient..Its like this if I am coming into your dispensary as a first time patient don't make me wait like a second time patient. First time patients should have "exclusive" priority, show why your dispensary should get my donations and why I should keep coming back. Show first time patients your "plants" your Indicas and Sativas know why they are there..Make your Compassion stand out....Remember this market has gotten "popular" with "so-called" compassionate dispensaries.First time patients are generally looking for a killer deal on your top shelf BOTTOM LINE we are not looking to buy TOP SHELF and you give us FREE bottom shelf. Lets face it a lot of dispensaries now a days have the same medications just grown different.Give us something that will make us come back.A KILLER DEAL. I think we all have had enough of "first time bags" being a glass pipe,lighter,rolling papers or a half a gram of what was lying around in the back.....(unless thats what they need) Give us a deal "buy one get one free" or just plain match what we donate in the first place...I DON'T KNOW...Your not gonna lose any donations or overhead cost and blah blah blah...SO STEP UP DISPENSARIES AND LETS SEE IF YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES FOR THE PATIENTS...

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